Tis The Season Winnings, Part XIII

Sometimes, I procrastinate posting and sorting some cards. Normally I don't pay too much attention to how long a particular item has been sitting on my desk, but given that this one was the Tis the Season contest from 2013, I've probably had it in my possession for a little over a year now. But, even with the long delay, I still want to throw Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes some referral traffic while I show off my prize.

It rolled all the way into March thanks to some days I was too busy to post, but I've finally reached the end of this prize package, after 13 posts. Today is the remainder of the box, and it's all 2011 Allen and Ginter.

2011 Allen and Ginter
Baseball Highlight Sketches #BHS-23 Mark Teixeira
Floating Fortresses #FF1 HMS Victory Hometown Heroes #HH22 John Danks
Hometown Heroes #HH49 Danny Valencia
Hometown Heroes #HH66 Derek Lowe
Hometown Heroes #HH75 Carl Crawford
Hometown Heroes #HH79 Derek Jeter
Hometown Heroes #HH92 Mike Napoli
My sampling here includes two guys from Florida, two from Texas, and two from Michigan. Coincidence? Probably!

2011 Allen and Ginter
Ascent of Man #AOM 13 Eutherians
Ascent of Man #AOM 19 Hominini
Ascent of Man #AOM 20 Hominina
#295 Chris Carpenter
Here we see the Ascent of man. It's missing a few steps as you can see from the numbering, but I like the smooth transitions from one card to the next, as you can see between card 19 and 20. Later in the chain we have Chris Carpenter, clearly confused and angered by the world around him. To complete the chain, there should probably be a Nuke Laloosh, Rick Vaughn, and finally Chet Steadman.

There were about 60 more base cards, but none were Cardinals, and I got tired of scanning, so I'll go out on top with that gag.

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