A Pack Stash Kind of Day

Every now and then I'll buy a box with some old packs, or get a bonus with an online order. Often those will just go into a big pile of "I'll open those when I feel like it". I believe this rack pack of 2010 Topps Series 2 is the former, from a box of 10 packs, though I can't really be sure once something's in the pile.

As I usually do, let's start with some base cards and move on to the inserts.

2010 Topps
#349 Felix Pie
#356 Angels Franchise History
#376 Esmil Rogers
#385 Torii Hunter
#398 Carlos Gonzalez
#405 Dustin McGowan
#416 Ruben Tejada
#431 John Raynor
Is that a cardboard cutout of Esmil Rogers standing in the bullpen? The photo makes him look very flat.

2010 Topps
#435 Nelson Cruz
#445 Miguel Olivo
#475 Johnny Damon
#491 Rafael Furcal
#501 Jake Peavy
#513 Scott Sizemore
#516 Marlon Byrd
#531 Matt Cain
The first Cardinal appears, Rafael Furcal. So far it doesn't appear anyone has picked up the 37-year-old shortstop for 2015 yet.

2010 Topps
#560 Ryan Rowland-Smith
#562 Carlos Quentin
#573 Johan Santana
#591 Fernando Rodney
#597 J.R. Towles
#615 Justin Verlander
#622 Indians Franchise History
#624 Carlos Beltran
Another Cardinal showed up, Carlos Beltran. Like Furcal, he is also 37, but he'll be playing for the Yankees this year, at least until/unless they decide to dump some salary.

2010 Topps
#655 Ryan Madson
Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT85 Eddie Murray
Copper Parallel #590 Ryan Howard #140/399
Peak Performance #PP-61 Hunter Pence
Topps Attax - Lance Berkman
Turkey Red #TR96 Magglio Ordonez
This Lance Berkman Attax code card is just a little expired, but feel free to try to use that code. It wasn't until the second time I flipped through these cards that I noticed that Ryan Howard card wasn't the #/2010 Gold Parallel, but a #/399 Copper Parallel. I might need some better lighting around my desk. I'm also a big fan of the Turkey Red insert set, and this Magglio Ordonez gives me one more card toward completing that.

2010 Topps
#400 Alex Rodriguez
#410 Oakland Athletics
#411 Jack Wilson
#642 Padres Franchise History
#656 Jon Lester
Million Card Giveaway #TMC-20 Carl Yastrzemski
For ease of scanning, here are all the horizontal cards in one shot. I'll bet A-Rod doesn't get one of Topps' "star numbers" like 400 this year, but maybe a good 2015 will earn one for him in 2016. At the end there's yet another expired code card, this time from the Million Card Giveaway, which was lots of fun in 2010. I did a decent job of trading in that promotion, turning large numbers of more common cards into vintage cards and Cardinals I collect.

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