Pi Day 2013

Last year, I brought you Felix Pie - all 2 cards of his I owned at the time. And yes, I know the pronunciation is not the same as pi, but I'm a simple man, seeking out cheap laughs. This year, I hereby declare.

Pete Incaviglia Day

That's right, Pete Incaviglia. Did you know that - at least according to baseball reference's player listings - he's the only MLB player in history with the initials P.I.? I bet you didn't, nor did you care...nor do you care now. But here's ol' Pete anyway.

1990 Donruss #48 Pete Incaviglia

1991 Donruss #464 Pete Incaviglia

1992 Upper Deck #271 Pete Incaviglia

1993 Topps - ToppsGold #7 Pete Incaviglia

1994 Fleer Ultra #246 Pete Incaviglia

It was easy to choose the scans to use, because these are the only 5 Incaviglia cards I have, though I have multiple copies of the 1991 Donruss.

But wait, there's more.

1997 Topps #550 Pete Incaviglia
I don't own this card, but it won me a few other cards in the 2011 Prime 9 redemption set, when I picked it out based on a small cropped piece.

Now, everyone go enjoy some pie.

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