A Free Card from Baseball Dad

Back in November, Baseball Dad offered up a nice selection of cards for his readers for his blog's 4th anniversary. I chose one, of course, because who would pass up a free card? That's like going to a birthday party and not eating the cake.

When I got the package, there were some additional Cardinals thrown it, which I always enjoy. Let's see what I got.

1999 Team Best
#12 Greg Clark
#41 Gabe Johnson
#Kris Rayborn
#83 Steve Stemle
First up were some minor league cards. Of the 4, I think only Steve Stemle appeared the majors, and that was only for 11 games with the Royals in 2005-2006.

2013 Topps #193 Matt Carpenter
2013 Topps #207 Matt Holliday
Since so many people follow his blog, it took until after 2013 Topps was released to get my package out, which is great! I'm not planning on buying any packs of flagship this year, but I'll probably stick all the Cardinals on my want list, and this gives me a 2-card head start. So, this is my first taste of 2013 cards, and also my first-ever Matt Carpenter card.

2009 Allen & Ginter - Relics #AGR-RL Ryan Ludwick
Finally, we have the card I claimed, a Ryan Ludwick relic. This is the first A&G framed relic I've ever actually held. It's kind of weird the way the card shifts around inside the frame. As always, I'm glad to add another unique card to my collection.

Thanks, Baseball Dad!

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