eBay Wins #65

This lot of penny cards was a bit random, though I suppose most of them are.

1993 Bowman #27 Shawn Green
I never realized Shawn Green didn't come up with the Dodgers. I can forgive myself for not knowing him in 1993-1994, but there were 5 more years after that with the Blue Jays. Maybe the blue uniform is what got me.

1994 Collector's Choice #81 David Cone
Remember fans dressed as Coneheads, especially when David was having a great season with the Yankees? That's enough to get me to root for a guy.

1996 Collector's Choice #13 Angel Martinez

1996 Collector's Choice
#652 Joe Randa
#656 David Bell
#657 Joe Nunnally
#659 LaTroy Hawkins
#660 Jamie Brewington
#664 Todd Greene
These cards are pretty cool, picturing the players in their AFL uniforms on the front, but their MLB uniforms on the back.

2003 Bazooka - Minis
#103 Nobuaki Yoshida
#181 Mike O'Keefe
With the recent mini craze, how could I turn down these Bazooka minis?

2004 Bowman Chrome
#201 Tim Hutting
#252 Kevin Richardson
#276 Matt Lemanczyk
Finally, some shiny prospect cards, which scan very oddly. None of these guys, including the Cardinals Matt Lemanczyk, ever made the big club.

With another 14 cards for 14 cents, my average dips again to 1.849 cents per card.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2221
Total Spent$41.06
Per Card1.849 cents

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