Gold from the Quarry

I've been adding more cards to Zistle, per my 2013 collecting goals, and it has started to pay off. A few weeks ago, I received a trade proposal from hiflew at Cards from the Quarry, which helps yet another goal of completing more trades. Not only that, but it was my favorite kind of trade proposal - one where my trading partner told me exactly what he wants. I seem to have a little trouble putting the package together when someone generously sends me things off my wantlist with only a team or list of teams they'd like in return. I've actually got 2 of those I'm still finishing up. But we can critique my punctuality another day. Right now, it's time for some 20-year-old Gold.

1993 Topps - Gold
#1 Robin Yount
#15 Marquis Grissom
#26 Skeeter Barnes
#51 Mo Vaughn
#58 Jose Melendez
#80 Cecil Fielder
#82 David Segui
#84 Kurt Stillwell
#156 Sammy Sosa
Since I started collecting with 1992 Topps, I've felt like the 1992 and 1993 Gold cards were two of my favorite sets. And these weren't just 9 commons that filled out my set, but 6 of the guys I knew very well as players, including 1 Hall of Famer in Robin Yount.

This brings my total to just 35 of the 825 card set. Why did 1993 have to be such a big set?! We know the answer to that of course, the Marlins and Rockies came into being. I have a feeling this will take me awhile.

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