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Today I've got 21 penny cards from 1987 Donruss, but with a slight twist. I noticed that the backs were rotated 180 degrees on some of the cards, and some quick research (that is, a Google search) led me to the knowledge that the factory set backs were rotated. I believe the first 16 cards here are from a factory set, and the last 5 are not. If that's the case, all of the 1987 Donruss cards I had before this point were from packs.

1987 Donruss - Factory Set
#61 Glenn Davis
#275 Walt Terrell
#286 Bill Doran
#296 Tom Brookens
#301 Steve Farr
#308 Dave Smith
#318 Steve Lombardozzi
#357 Ken Dayley
There's only one uniformed Cardinal in this bunch, Ken Dayley.

1987 Donruss - Factory Set
#373 Dan Petry
#420 Dave Bergman
#431 Terry Puhl
#439 Jesse Orosco
#461 Chuck Cary
#554 Denny Walling
#578 Jeff Calhoun
#605 Jim Pankovits
Jesse Orosco played for the Cardinals in 2000 when he turned 43, and still played 3 more seasons after that. Denny Walling also played for the Cardinals, 1988-1990.

1987 Donruss
#299 Franklin Stubbs
#306 Russ Morman
#308 Dave Smith
#312 Jim Winn
#334 Ron Karkovice
The factory set variation is so subtle I'm not sure I should bother to catalog them separately, yet I feel like it would be wrong to claim I have a duplicate of the Dave Smith card you see pictured twice above, because they have two different backs. These are the things that keep cards piled on my desk for weeks until I make a decision.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3462
Total Spent$53.09
Per Card1.534 cents
Change-0.003 cents

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