eBay Wins #81

The collection of cards in today's eBay lot is very coherent, as opposed to most multicard posts that span multiple decades and brands. I present to you, (some of) the 1990 Upper Deck Toronto Blue Jays, 12 cards for 12 cents.

1990 Upper Deck
#30 David Wells
#95 George Bell (Team Checklist)
#108 Fred McGriff
#113 Pat Borders
#115 Kevin Batiste
#115 Kevin Batiste
I may have a Hall of Famer in this bunch in Fred McGriff, though it's looking pretty tentative. He received just under 21% in the last ballot, which I like to call the Grumpy Old Sportswriters ballot. Mr. Perfect David Wells and former Cardinal Pat Borders make an appearance, too. I didn't notice that there were 2 Kevin Batiste cards in the listing; the seller must have split them up across scans. I also didn't notice I already had a copy of the card, so I'm about halfway to a good Batiste Bipping, or Bastisting.

1990 Upper Deck
#282 Tom Henke
#285 Manny Lee
#421 Lloyd Moseby
#485 John Cerutti
#605 Dave Steib
#692 Todd Stottlemyre
This half would be a little weaker, but there's also former Cardinal Tom Henke, and my favorite MLB-player distant cousin, because his cards are cheaper than his dad's, Todd Stottlemyre.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2429
Total Spent$43.14
Per Card1.776 cents

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