2012 Update Rack Pack

Somewhere along the way, I decided to buy a Jumbo Rack Pack of 2012 Topps Update, to go with the six hanger packs I bought, and the 2 retail packs I won.

2012 Topps Update
#US72 Carlos Beltran
#US123 Jamie Moyer/Checklist
#US178 Lance Lynn

All the current and former Cardinals were duplicates for me this time.

2012 Topps Update
Golden Moments #GM-U27 Matt Kemp
Gold Border #US238 Shawn Camp #0643/2012

I like shots of grown men getting excited like kids to play the game, so that's a great card of Matt Kemp. There's a nice Cubs throwback on Shawn Camp too.

2012 Topps Update
Blockbusters #BB-11 Rickey Henderson
Gold Border #580 Tony Campana #0762/2012
2 Gold Borders and both are Cubs? It's nearly too much for a Cardinals fan to handle. As a fun note on the Rickey Henderson trade, Eric Plunk was sent from the Yankees to the A's among others for Rickey in this trade. 4 1/2 years later, he was sent back with others for...Rickey Henderson.

Ok, that's the last of any packs I'm buying of 2012 Update. I've got all my cards cataloged in my have/want/trade lists, so please let me know if you'd like to trade for this set or any others.

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