eBay Wins #75

Another day, another penny, another eBay common.

2000 Topps #402 Joey Hamilton
Joey's probably the 2nd best Hamilton in the 2000 Topps set, behind Josh but ahead of Darryl. The back of the card lists him as the answer to a trivia question, but one that's sure to eventually be untrue, if it isn't already: "Who is the only MLB pitcher to hit a home run outside the U.S. and Canada?". Joey did so in Mexico in 1996. With every 4th season since 2000 opening in Japan, the Expos playing large chunks of their last seasons in Puerto Rico, a few other scattered games in San Juan, and a 2014 opener in Australia, there have been and will continue to be plenty of opportunities

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Total Cards Bought2391
Total Spent$42.76
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