eBay Wins #72

I bid on these two 1990 Topps cards about the same time, for a penny each. I bid on several others around the time too, so I didn't notice that they seem to be looking at something off in the distance..

1990 Topps
#523 Jay Bell
#625 Roger McDowell
Jay: Hey Roger, what is that?

Roger: Huh? What? Oh, yeah that's weird.

J: Looks like some kind of...

R: It's a UFO!

J: It is not. Why do you always say that? Every time a plane, a bird, a copter, or a blimp flies over, you think it's a UFO.

R: I'm sorry. So what were you going to say?

J: It's like some kind of machine-man hybrid, like Robocop, or Terminator.

R: He should be Governor.

J: What?

R: Terminator. Make him Governor. Call him Governator. It'll be hilarious.

J: No state is going to elect him Governor. And that movie was 5 years ago.

R: Whatever, I'm going back to the bullpen.

J: Wait, I see it now. It's the Topps photographer!

R: Sweet! I hope I get in the game today so he'll get some action shots.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2349
Total Spent$42.34
Per Card1.802 cents

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