All-Star Winnings, Part 6

Way back in July 2012, I won a contest at Cards On Cards. The premise was to pick the Cardinals player who would have the biggest impact on the game, determined Sabermetrically. I picked the right player, and got a pile of Cardinals for my trouble. They've been sitting in that same pile, haunting me, for quite some time, so now is the time to show them to you.
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Today we'll go all the way back to the 1990s. Come to think of it, that's where a large portion of these cards and posts go anyway.

1993 Triple Play
#62 Brian Jordan
#114 Felix Jose
2 Cardinals RFs from the same year can only mean one was going to be pushed out, and Felix Jose left after 1992. Oddly enough, Brian Jordan is only 2 years younger than him, but 1992 was his rookie season due to his time with the Atlanta Falcons.

1994 Upper Deck #223 Brian Jordan

1994 Score #201 Brian Jordan
1997 Donruss Limited #146 Brian Jordan
1999 Pacific Crown Collection #230 Brian Jordan
Jordan was one of the players victimized by my Jersey/Shirsey curse. It seems that usually, whenever I buy a jersey or one of those jersey-look t-shirts with a current player featured, he leaves shortly thereafter. I'm much more judicious these days, and only bought my Scott Rolen shirt from a thrift shop long after he left.

1992 Classic Draft Picks - Foil Bonus #BC11 Sean Lowe
I was all ready to dig into another lost prospect story, but apparently Sean Lowe pitched a few games for the Cardinals in 1997 and 1998, then for some other teams. I must have been too caught up in the McGwire-mania to notice.

1992 Pinnacle #589 Rex Hudler/Roger Staubach
Finally, this is the first Rex Hudler card on my blog, according to my tag history at least. And he's very tiny on the card. That's Roger Staubach in the background. There's very little information on the back of the card linking the two, except that Rex Hudler's favorite athlete is Roger Staubach.

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