eBay Wins #68

The same seller who had 90 individual auctions for 2013 Topps singles reappeared on eBay a few days later with more. Last time, all the cards were under #100, and this time they were all over, so I bid away and won 47 more at a penny apiece. As much as you'd love for me to put these together like an uncut sheet and scan the whole thing, how about just the Cardinals again?

2013 Topps
#130 Jason Motte
#146 Kyle McClellan
#188 Brian Fuentes
#190 Daniel Descalso
According to rumors on the internets, there are 18 Cardinals in Series 1, including the team card. I now have 9 of them without opening a single pack, thanks to the previous auction and a blogger's giveaway.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2311
Total Spent$41.96
Per Card1.816 cents

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