eBay Wins #36

I won another big bunch of cards for a penny apiece. This time it was 2005 and 2006 Bowman Draft. I actually didn't realize until I started writing this post that it was Bowman Draft and not Bowman, but no matter. I have a huge hole in my collection from 2000 to 2010, so anything in that range I can get cheaply is new to me. Since it's now 6 to 7 years later, these are mostly the leftover cards of players that didn't pan out, though not all of them.

2005 Bowman Draft #BDP21 Brad Thompson

2005 Bowman Draft #BDP31 Mark McCormick
30 of the cards were 2005, and all came from the base set. I bid on a few doubles and triples because I couldn't beat the price. Here's the listing:
21 Brad Thompson (2)
22 Jorge Cantu
28 Chris Young
31 Mark McCormick (3)
33 Beau Jones
35 Zach Ward (2)
40 Kyle Winters (2)
45 Ryan Mount
50 Eric Fowler (2)
58 Eli Iorg (2)
70 Reid Engel (3)
75 Henry Sanchez
89 Mike Costanzo
96 Jon Egan (3)
97 Drew Thompson
115 Brent Cox
118 Steven Johnson
152 Kevin Thompson (2)

2006 Bowman Draft - Future Game #FG2 Joel Guzman
I got 3 cards from the Futures Game insert set, which is fitting for this All-Star week.
FG2 Joel Guzman
FG17 Edgar Martinez (no, of course not that Edgar Martinez) 
FG40 Joaquin Arias
2006 Bowman Draft - Draft Picks #DP15 Charlie Yarbrough
I'm a little confused by the Draft Picks subset, since the set is Bowman Draft, but oh well.
DP15 Charlie Yarbrough
DP18 Tyler Robertson
DP28 Brandon Rice
DP31 Bobby Henson
DP44 Brett Logan
DP50 David Christensen
DP65 Brett Sinkbeil

2006 Bowman Draft #BDP11 Mike Rouse
And finally, just two of the 2006 cards were from the base set.
BDP11 Mike Rouse
BDP31 Kevin Thompson

In all, I got 42 cards for 42 cents, and 2 new sets I'll now feel enticed to complete.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought1992
Total Spent$38.18
Per Card1.917 cents

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