eBay Wins #35

Sometimes I do a search on eBay and come up with dozens and dozens of cheap cards, and sometimes hundreds. Rather than examine each auction individually, I just go into zombie/robot mode and bid on them all, since it takes at least a few seconds each and otherwise it'd take me all day. This time I won 20 individual auctions for 1986 Topps cards, and for 20 cents got them all shipped. Here's the closest to highlights in the bunch.

1986 Topps #561 Bob Lillis

1986 Topps #666 Rangers Leaders (Charlie Hough)
They were all Rangers and Astros, and I literally did not recognize a player on any card except Charlie Hough. Here's the full list.

22 Duane Walker
79 Dave Schmidt
105 Gary Ward
142 Bob Jones
169 George Wright
189 Mike Mason
238 Larry Parrish
328 Pete O'Brien
371 Bill Stein
434 Curt Wilkerson
504 Denny Walling
559 Tommy Dunbar
561 Bob Lillis
586 Greg Harris
590 Bob Knepper
616 Glenn Brummer
618 Jim Pankovits
666 Texas Rangers Team Leaders
691 Mike Madden
784 Alan Bannister

I'm sure some of my Texas- and Houston-fan bloggers know some of these names, especially if they were older than the toddler I was in 1986, but for me, these are squarely in the commons pile.

But all was not lost, because prior to this purchase I had 69/792 for 8.7% of the 1986 Topps set, and now I have 88/792, 11.1%, or a full 1/9 of the set.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought1950
Total Spent$37.76
Per Card1.936 cents

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