A Prize For My Prescience, part 4

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Ryan at The Great Orioles Autograph Project sent me a whole bunch of cards for picking the Cardinals to win the World Series, and it is of course my duty to show you the cards and link to his blog.

In this edition, random cardinals Ryan threw in!

1992 McDonald's Cardinals #46 Bob Gibson

1992 McDonald's Cardinals #30 Lou Brock

1992 McDonald's Cardinals #9 Joe Medwick

1992 McDonald's Cardinals #16 Grover Alexander
1992 McDonald's Cardinals #52 Bruce Sutter 
Somewhere deep in my basement, I think I may more of these McDonald's cards, because they look really familiar. One day I hope to get time to dig in and find out.

1993 Ted Williams #90 Bob Gibson
1994 Yoo-hoo #6 Bob Gibson
I think I need this set. The yellow is even more garish in person. Plus I love Yoo-hoo, and there are only 16 cards.
1992 Studio #262 Red Schoendienst/Checklist
I don't care if it is a Checklist, I'll always take a card of Red.
1988 Donruss - HOF Diamond King Puzzle Stan Musial
I found myself wondering how hard it might be to find this completed puzzle. Surely lots of folks who didn't complete the puzzle discarded the pieces, or at least didn't keep them in very good shape. Also I don't think Stan had quite the god-like status he now holds in St. Louis in 1988. Sure, he was loved, but the way the fans react these days, you'd think he invented the game. That's not to say it's undeserved, just makes me wonder how precious collectors would have found this puzzle card 20+ years ago.
1995 Summit - Nth Degree #8 Ken Hill
OK, so Ken Hill doesn't really belong in this crowd. But the card is so shiny!

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  1. Those McDonald cards are pretty epic. I haven't seen any of those before. Nice selection of cards.