A Prize For My Prescience, part 2

[Part 1]

Ryan at The Great Orioles Autograph Project sent me a whole bunch of cards for picking the Cardinals to win the World Series, and it is of course my duty to show you the cards and link to his blog.

First up in this post, more set completion, with 1990 Donruss. Here are the highlights, defined by me as my favorites and any past Cardinals.

1990 Donruss - Bonus MVPs #BC-1 Bo Jackson
In 1990 I bet a fair number of people thought Bo would go on to make the MLB and NFL Halls of Fame. It's a shame what injuries did to him.

1990 Donruss Bonus MVPs #BC-16 Bobby Bonilla
The late-in-his-career Cardinal and rest-of-his-life Mets employee himself.

1990 Donruss #86 Tony Gwynn
He's a hall of famer, of course he's getting scanned.

1990 Donruss #227 Harold Reynolds
I actually didn't realize Harold Reynolds was a player until a few years ago I came across a card with a good closeup of his face and made the connection to the broadcaster, then of course looked it up on Wikipedia.

1990 Donruss #265 David Cone
Anyone else remember the fans-dressed-as-Coneheads phenomenon? I wonder if this guy would have been as big a deal if he played anywhere other that the biggest media market.

1990 Donruss #344 Chuck Finley
Another brief end-of-career Cardinal.

1990 Donruss #346 Rich Gedman
1990 Donruss #426 Norm Charlton
Once again, I cannot escape Norm Charlton.
Example 1
Example 2
1990 Donruss #427 Deion Sanders
I wonder how many other Hall of Famers in any sport spent significant playing time in a different sport. It can't be many, Deion was truly an amazing athlete.

1990 Donruss #466 Jeff Brantley
Jeff Brantley was always a good signer in Saint Louis during and even after his baseball career. I regret not going a little more out of my way to get an autograph when I had chances
Here's the full 1990 Donruss list I got:
10 Brian Downing (Diamond King)
12 Kelly Gruber (Diamond King)
60 Chet Lemon
64 Allan Anderson
66 Mike Greenwell
86 Tony Gwynn
92 Doug Drabek
99 Howard Johnson
113 Kelly Gruber
170 Krick McCaskill
227 Harold Reynolds
231 Jimmy Key
265 David Cone
300 Checklist 232-333
302 Mark Davis
315 Steve Balboni
339 Ted Higuera
344 Chuck Finley
346 Rich Gedman
348 Matt Williams
382 Bill Spiers
416 Gary Thurman
417 Jeff Robinson
420 Dennis Rasmussen
426 Norm Charlton
427 Deion Sanders
438 Steve Olin
466 Jeff Brantley
496 Jeff Kunkel
503 Jerry Kutzler
520 Chad Kreuter
543 Al Leiter
566 Billy Swift
650 Bo Jackson (All Star)
695 Eric Davis (All Star)
Bonus MVPs
BC-1 Bo Jackson
BC-16 Bobby Bonilla
BC-22 Steve Sax

Can I squeeze in a few more Ozzies?
1993 Upper Deck #482 Geronimo Pena, Ray Lankford, Ozzie Smith, Bernard Gilkey
 It's cool to see a team card like this with multiple players, but few enough to name them all and have the faces visible. Really takes me back to the early 90s teams. Even though we weren't very good, I have a lot of good memories from those years.

1990 Scoremasters #27 Ozzie Smith
 I like the minimalist front of this set. From what I can tell it's a standalone put out by Score and not an insert set, but if anyone knows any different please let me know.

1993 Score #522 Ozzie Smith
I've used up all the cards I've scanned so far, so look for part 3 whenever I get some more time to waste. I'm hoping for tomorrow, but who knows!

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