A Little Heritage Contest Win

Adam from Addiction as Therapy held his annual giveaway, and the prizes this year were packs of 2017 Heritage. This is my first look at this year's Heritage in person, so it was an interesting pack to open.
2017 Heritage
#336 Colorado Sluggers (DJ LeMahieu/Charlie Blackmon)
#358 San Diego Padres
#393 Rookie Stars (Matt Dermody/Danny Barnes)
I've read lots of complaints that the 1968 design is bad, but I never looked at it that way. It's not something that would be a great original modern design, but I always thought it fit fine with the other 1960s sets.

2017 Topps Heritage
#77 Yadier Molina
#245 Tucker Barnhart
#272 Wei-Yin Chen
#301 Martin Prado
#311 Rajai Davis
#471 Danny Salazar (SP)
I flipped through these looking at the fronts first, and so was excited to see a Yadier Molina. In my past Heritage purchases, there always seemed to be roughly one insert or short print per pack, so with no obvious inserts, I flipped the stack over to check for SPs, and found the Danny Salazar card. I saw a dealer collated set listed for $300 including all 100 SPs this past weekend, which seems crazy to me, but that's supply and demand for you I suppose.

Thanks for the contest, and everyone else go check out and follow Addiction as Therapy!

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