Bowl Pick 'Em Contest Winnings, Part XIV

College football will be here again before we know it IS HERE, so I've got to get my prize from last season's Bowl Pick 'Em contest at Cards on Cards posted! My prize for a second place tie was a very generously sized box of cards, so I felt a bit overwhelmed even sorting through them. I finally sorted them out by player, and, as usual, I'll plan to post them all eventually, but I might quit halfway through, we'll see.


You're wondering when I'll mess up these Roman numerals, aren't you?

1999 Fleer Tradition - Rookie Flashbacks #6 J.D. Drew
1999 Pacific #352a J.D. Drew (Headshot)
1999 Upper Deck #522 J.D. Drew
The great thing about collecting players from about 1997-2002 is that there are so many sets from each year, a random package is pretty likely to contain all new cards for me. The Pacific card is a Headshot variation. It's unclear to me if those were any rarer than base cards though.

2000 E-X #34 J.D. Drew
2000 Fleer Tradition #85 J.D. Drew
2000 Pacific Omega #115 J.D. Drew
2000 Topps Gold Label - Class 1 #78 J.D. Drew
2000 Upper Deck Ovation - Diamond Futures #DM1 J.D. Drew
2000 Upper Deck Victory #75 J.D. Drew
2002 Fleer Maximum #8 J.D. Drew
2002 Upper Deck Ovation #37 J.D. Drew
Lots of shiny and thick cardstock cards here. The Topps Gold Label stuck out to me, because as you can see, it's a bit narrower than the rest of the cards.

The Cardinals got a few good years out of Drew, but then traded him to the Braves in the trade that included Adam Wainwright. Drew still had success after the trade, but ultimately I think the Cardinals came out ahead in that deal.

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