August Card Show Autographs

The monthly card show returns, along with one of the signers that was supposed to be there in July. Here's my haul:

Ivan de Jesus                    David Green                    Bryn Smith
1982 World Champ
Ivan de Jesus was supposed to be at the July show, but apparently missed his flight. He played for the Cardinals for just one year, 1985, so came extremely close to being a World Series champ.

David Green played for the team in 1982, so he gets to write the inscription on his autographs. He was sent by the Cardinals (with more players) to San Francisco for Jack Clark before the 1985 season. His line wasn't terribly long by the time I got there, so he took some time to talk to a kid that was there getting an autograph, and seemed like a really nice guy.

Finally, Bryn Smith was here during some lean years, 1990-1992. He played most of his career in Montreal, and his final season was in Colorado. Interestingly, the person in front of me was getting autographs on a Colorado Rockies inaugural season book, and knew Bryn won the first game in Rockies history. Bryn one-upped him and said "That's right, we started 0-2 that year". I looked it up, and of course he was right.

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