Giant Pile of Prizes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk, Part 1

Sometimes when I win a contest, I set the prize aside until I have time to fully rummage through all of it. In this case I won a contest back in late September, and I think the "Small Flat Rate Box" arrived by early October. I opened it immediately, but it's been sitting on my desk, too daunting of task to sort, since then. I finally felt the need to dive into it, and give jaybarkerfan his proper thank you post.

First up, we have the subject of the contest itself, a serial numbered card. The contest was simple: guess the number, out of 199.
2012 Topps Chrome
Blue Refractors #11 Ian Kennedy #177/199

I was the 4th person to guess, went with #177, and nailed it. The logic for my guess was simply to try to pick a number far from the others, so I didn't do the classic The Price is Right jerk move of outbidding someone by a dollar.

2012 Topps Chrome
Blue Refractors #11 Ian Kennedy #177/199

1984 Topps #115 Andre Thornton
1984 Topps #129 Bill Laskey
1984 Topps #180 Manny Trillo
1984 Topps #188 Bryan Little
1984 Topps #616 Don Robinson
1985 Topps #271 Tim Foli
I got 5 1984 Topps cards, and my scanner's not that wide, so luckily I had a 1985 to even out the scan. Gotta love 30 year old cards.

1990 Donruss Best of the AL
#70 Junior Felix
#71 Craig Worthington
#73 Johnny Ray
#74 Ozzie Guillen
#75 Brook Jacoby
#76 Chet Lemon
#78 B.J. Surhoff
#97 Sandy Alomar

1990 Donruss Best of the AL
#110 Willie Randolph
#113 Tony Fernandez
#116 Luis Polonia
#117 Carney Lansford
#118 Bud Black
#119 Lou Whitaker
I have never seen this blue 1990 Donruss "Best of the AL" set. It's almost like the color parallels you see today, except I think all the images are different from the 1990 red base set. Once I finally finish my 1990 Donruss set, this set would be a nice addition. There's also an NL set, which is also blue.

1991 Score 100 Superstars
#43 Randy Milligan
#46 Brian Harper
Superstars, eh? I beg to differ. Still though, here's another set I don't think I've ever seen.

1994 Tombstone
#19 Juan Gonzalez
#29 Frank Thomas
I vote for MLB to bring back food issues. Surely Topps can allow a little leeway in its exclusive license.

1994 Finest
#53 Ricky Guitierrez
#161 Ben McDonald

1995 Finest
#184 Tim Naehring

1996 Finest
#204 Randy Myers
#210 Ben McDonald
#303 Steve Gibralter
Here's a little evolution of Topps Finest, though 1996 is only "Common" cards. One day I'll finally get the urge to peel the protective film off of these and other Finest cards I have, and immediately regret it.

That's it for today, but there's plenty left in the box...

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  1. good deal! I've heard that that guy's quite a character that Jay Barker fan