eBay Wins #99

I came across a seller with an interesting listing. He had a bunch of individual auctions for Lots of 2 1992 Studio "common filler" cards, starting at a penny. Not one to pass up some cheap cards, I bid the minimum on a bunch of them, and won 9. So these 18 cards cost me half of a cent each.

1992 Studio
#11 Doug Dascenzo
#16 Chuck McElroy
#19 Gary Scott
#36 Pete Harnisch
#101 Andy Benes
#102 Jerald Clark
#105 Greg Harris
#109 Kurt Stillwell
#110 Tim Teufel

1992 Studio
#117 Darren Lewis
#118 Bill Swift
#119 Robby Thompson
#145 Chuck Finley
#171 Milt Cuyler
#172 Rob Deer
#227 Mike Moore
#228 Randy Ready
#241 Julio Franco
These are mostly commons, though Pete Harnisch and Julio Franco are definitely better-known names. In fact, Julio Franco was a 10 year veteran at this point, but wouldn't retire for another 15 years. I also got 2 Cardinals in other uniforms, Andy Benes and Chuck Finley, which were both on my want list.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2539
Total Spent$44.13
Per Card1.738 cents

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  1. Ah, the Hall of Famer Gary Scott! Keep the line moving.