eBay Wins #34

It's been over a week and a half since I posted an eBay win thanks to various contests, so here's another one. This time I won 4 1990 Topps cards, 2 I'd consider common and 2 that are at least notable. best of all, they were a penny each! I figure for that price, any card is worth the chance that I'll eventually trade it to someone who is trying to complete the set.

1990 Topps #50 Glenn Davis
Paul Lukas doesn't like them, but I really like these Astros uniforms. And this from a guy who has hate a statutory dislike for the Astros since they and the Cardinals moved to form the NL Central.

1990 Topps #342 Alex Trevino
Now I hope this was a BP jersey, because I'm adamantly against anything but white, gray, or pinstripe jerseys for real games. It even kinda bugged me in Spring Training this year that some teams wear BP jerseys for games.

1990 Topps #365 Ozzie Guillen
Is Ozzie even still managing in Florida Miami? I haven't heard his name since he made some remarks to upset local Cubans and Cuban-Americans. Maybe management wisely told him to dummy up for awhile. Also, I dig the uniform number on the pants.

1990 Topps #412 Jamie Moyer
This card is 22 years old. Seeing some of the stats on the back and knowing he still had another 22+ years left in him is kind of amazing. Here are some of his career stats after the 1989 season.

Games: 100
IP: 566 1/3
W-L: 32-43
K: 357
Starts: 94
CG: 6
SHO: 2

Enough of all that, let's see the tracker.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought1930
Total Spent$37.56
Per Card1.946 cents

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