Spring Training Giveaway, part 2

[Part 1]
I won another contest at Number 5 Type Collection. After ranking the 5 teams I wanted from what he had to offer, I tied another reader and so wound up with half the Tigers and Red Sox.
1981 Fleer Stickers #13 Carl Yastrzemski

1981 Fleer Stickers #34 Dennis Eckersley

1981 Fleer Stickers #53 Jim Rice

1981 Fleer Stickers #58 Carlton Fisk
All 4 of these Fleer Stickers have Hall of Famers on them. That's pretty awesome.

1982 Donruss #5 Alan Trammell

1983 Donruss #5 Jack Morris
It's kind of crazy that Donruss used the same Diamond King design in 1982 and 1983. I never knew that before just now.
1986 Sports Design Products Tigers #5 Mickey Cochrane
It took me awhile to track down what set this one was from. The confusion came in that the back just says 1986 Sports Design Products, but there was a league-wide set that year by that name as well.

1989 Bowman #26 Roger Clemens
This card doesn't fit in a regular sleeve. Between these and Topps Big, I need to find some more accommodating supplies.

1992 Denny's #5 Jack Clark
I'd never seen these Denny's cards before, I must have started collecting after they came out that year. I have several from later years.

2005 Fleer Tradition #141 Bobby Higginson

2005 Fleer Tradition #121 Johnny Damon

2006 Tristar Prospects Plus #21 Jason Place

2007 Topps #28 Brandon Inge

2007 Topps #87 Alexis Gomez

2007 Topps #280 Curt Schilling

2007 Topps #294 Mike Rabelo

2007 Topps #304 Kenny Rogers


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    1. I didn't really make it clear in this post, but that was probably my favorite of the bunch. I'm a big Eckersley fan since I've followed the Cardinals my whole life and Oakland in the early 90s.