2012 Heritage Blaster

Saturday morning I had a friend coming over for help with some programming homework at 10am, and I was due to give blood that day. When my alarm went off at 6:30, I thought, "it'd be much nicer to sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, and do nothing for an hour or so before he gets here". So at that moment I made a deal with myself that if I got up and gave blood, I could buy a Heritage blaster guilt-free. I hadn't bought any Heritage yet this year up to that point.

I guess it sounded like a good deal to me, because I got up, ate enough breakfast so I wouldn't pass out, and took off for the American Red Cross to donate my 29th unit of blood (I love that they keep track) in my life. I got some juice and cookies and was home by 9, still allowing me time to be a little lazy.

So later that day I picked up a blaster. What follows is the good stuff.

First, some SPs:
2012 Heritage #494 Ryan Zimmerman SP

2012 Heritage #483 Mike Stanton SP
I didn't realize until yesterday's game that he's now going by his "real" first name, Giancarlo. I'm glad we held him to 0 for 4.

2012 Heritage #482 David Ortiz SP
Some inserts:
2012 Heritage - Checklist C2
Oooooh, checklist. I know, it's a pretty weak "insert". At least it doesn't count as a real card, as there were 10 total cards in the 9 card pack with this one.
2012 Heritage - News Flashbacks #NF-PP Pope Paul VI
I guess this guy was technically a Cardinal too.

2012 Heritage - Baseball Flashbacks #BF-HA Hank Aaron
I don't like the "numbering" that doesn't include numbers. It's too hard to make want lists without looking up the full checklist.
2012 Heritage - Stick-Ons #29 Mariano Rivera
A sticker I'll probably never peel.
2012 Heritage - Chrome Parallel #HP48 Cole Hamels #0926/1963
Some former Cardinals:
2012 Heritage #203 Scott Rolen

2012 Heritage #43 Veteran Masters (Rivera/Girardi)
Yes, Joe Girardi was briefly a Cardinal.

2012 Heritage #3 NL Home Run Leaders
I wasn't sure whether this should have gone in former or current based on the uniform pictures, so I nestled it right between.

And the two current Cardinals.
2012 Heritage #375 Daniel Descalso

2012 Heritage #97 Kyle Lohse
I guess Mike Matheny knows what he's doing. I don't think most people would have expected Kyle Lohse to be our opening day starter even if 2 or 3 guys got hurt. I'm glad Kyle was able to have a strong outing, but I don't know that we can expect as much out of him every start. I hope I'm wrong though, and he has a great season.

In addition to these cards there were more base of course, but none of them were duplicates yet, so I won't list them here because you can't have them! That, and I'm still being lazy of course.


  1. Sorry Daniel but when I saw your card I thought of Don Mossi.