eBay Wins #2

Catching up on my eBay card wins should keep my blog busy for quite some time if I lack material.  Here is the oldest yet to be blogged:
1991 Upper Deck Brook Fordyce, Scott Aldred
1989 Donruss Rookies Ken Hill
1988 Topps Traded Tino Martinez
1991 Topps Traded Charles Johnson
1991 Topps Stadium Club Jim Mecir

1991 Bowman Roberto Hernandez, Todd Ritchie
1991 Fleer Ultra Juan Guzman
1991 Line Drive Rusty Meacham
1987 ProCards Roberto Hernandez
1990 ProCards Juan Guzman

12 cards for 16 cents.  Can't complain about that.  The listing was actually only for the first 10, but the  Hernandez and Guzman penny sleeves contained their minor league cards as well.  The big draw for me was Tino Martinez (a Cardinal from 2002-2003) and Ken Hill (1986-1991 and part of 1995).  So how do I make this post interesting?  Well, Ken Hill came to the Cardinals from Detroit along with the infamous "Player To Be Named Later".  That wound up being Mike Laga, who is the only man known to hit a ball out of Busch Memorial Stadium (the 1966-2005 version).  Recently, a local radio station tracked down the video, and I've been looking for an excuse to post it...but during the time I left this post in my drafts, the video went slightly viral (is it possible to go slightly viral?) and MLB ordered a takedown.

The Mike Laga Foul Ball from JoeSportsFan.com on Vimeo.

Oh yeah...it was a foul ball.  I promise you this video was real and amazing.  And now I know my Dad was telling the truth when he told me about it as a kid.

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