Another Contest Win!

I owe a big thanks to Trey at Rants, Reviews, and Fandom for his Shamless Plug Contest!!!.  I won 3rd prize, a card from a Dollar General pack.  Ok, it wasn't just any card, it was an Alexander Edler relic.  Which means on some level I was this close to having a Stanley Cup winner.

I borrowed your scan, Trey.
Trey also sent along 2 cool bonus cards.  Some might consider ToppsTown cards a throwaway insert, but somehow they turn collectible to me with the birds on the bat.  Let's hope 2012 treats Waino well, although I've heard he wants to be postseason-eligible this year.

And another 2011 Topps Series II insert, Mr. Lou Brock.

Funny story, he actually lives near me.  My Dad went to his house when he worked for the census in 2000 and thought he recognized the guy, but couldn't place the face.  He told Lou he just had the short form for him and asked if he'd be willing to answer a few questions.  Lou asked "How short is your short form?"  and my Dad showed him the paper.  He agreed, and my Dad asked his name, still not sure where he knew him from. He said simply "Louis Brock".  I still see him driving around town in a very...obvious...vehicle.  It's actually kind of cool but I suppose I shouldn't out him online.

Back to my main point: Thanks, Trey!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards. I would have sent more Cardinals over but being an Astros fan I try not to keep that many around, ha.