Another Sports Card Info Contest Win

There's a contest nearly every week at Sports Card Info, and sometimes two, so I'm there entering almost every single day. I've won a few of them over the years, and another recent contest went my way, so now I've got this nice red swatch from Yu Darvish

2015 Topps - Career High Relics #CHR-YD Yu Darvish
Topps made this a bit confusing by having Career High Relics in both series 1 and 2, with some of the same players, but the series 1 cards are inexplicably numbered CRH-xx instead of CHR-xx. But, I sorted it out, and I've got the series 2 K/9 Career High, as opposed to the Series 1 "Strikeouts in a Season" Career High.

Thanks to Sports Card Info for all the contests through the year, and my new relic.

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