eBay Wins #169

Today's eBay penny cards come from one of the most 90s sets of the 90s, Circa '97.

1997 Circa
#323 Jeff Fassero
#345 Jeff D'Amico
I already detailed Jeff Fassero's stints with the Cardinals 3 eBay posts ago with #166, and Jeff D'Amico has no connection to the Cardinals, so here's something I was inspired to embed due to this post having too many Jeffs. Put the kids to bed before the halfway point for sure.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3277
Total Spent$51.27
Per Card1.565 cents
Change0 cents


  1. I guess, considering, I should leave a comment here, huh?

  2. Love that set. The design is lunacy.