eBay Wins #136

Today's pseudo-lot consists of just 3 penny cards from 1990 Upper Deck. I really appreciated that Upper deck put the set year right on the front of the card for a few years, since many of their yearly design changes were subtle. It always helped me sort through the piles of commons more efficiently.

1990 Upper Deck
#616 Don Robinson
#646 Jaime Navarro
#787 Matt Young
Just today, I learned that the Seattle Pilots became the Milwaukee Brewers right before the season began in 1970, and the Brewers had very little time to get ready. That's apparently why the Brewers started with Blue and Yellow uniforms - because they had actually re-purposed as much Pilots gear as they could. When the Mariners came along, they stuck with the same color scheme, as is so coincidentally illustrated by the two side-by-side Brewers and Mariners cards today.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3101
Total Spent$49.54
Per Card1.598 cents
Change0 cents

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