eBay Wins #109

Today's post has no baseball, technically, but two other subjects in which I'm somewhat interested. I bid on this Alan Bean card from 2012 Goodwin Champions, was the only bidder, and therefore won it for the starting bid of a penny. I really bought this card because it fills a hole in a mostly-baseball set I may try to complete at some time in the future, not just because it has an astronaut, even though I've always been interested in the space program. I even applied for a summer job at NASA in college, despite living several hundred miles from the nearest location. And, visiting the Kennedy Space Center a few years ago is probably one of my favorite vacations I've ever taken.

2012 Goodwin Champions
#30 Alan Bean

It might be interesting to see long-term how well the non-sports subjects hold their value in sets like Goodwin Champions and Allen & Ginter. At least in the short term, I know of at least 2 such cards I've purchased for a penny; this card, and Mary Shelley from 2008 Ginter.

For some reason, the seller threw in two Jurassic Park movie trading cards. This was probably the first movie I saw in theaters that scared me. Luckily I was with a big group of kids who were all being slightly distracting, so I wasn't too lost in the moment.

1993 Jurassic Park
#66 A Long Clime to Freedom
#68 No Escape
Even though I wasn't seeking the cards, I'll call this 3 for a penny, because it brings my average per card down further. And, it's my blog, so I make the rules.

One more thing. This is now stuck in my head, so I'll pass it along to you.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2713
Total Spent$45.67
Per Card1.683 cents

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