eBay Wins #106

I bid on some more "Lot of 2 cards" auctions, this time winning 10 1992 Leaf auctions for the minimum bid of a penny each. That's 20 cards for a dime. They're not all stars, of course, but 1992's when I started obsessing over baseball, so they're mostly at least familiar to me.

1992 Leaf
#269 Lance Parrish
#280 Brian Hickerson
#283 Ivan Calderon
#285 Mickey Tettleton
#288 Bret Barberie
#290 Frank Castillo
#292 Tommy Greene
#369 Dan Pasqua
#377 Mike Stanton
Fun Fact*: Mickey Tettleton was named for Mickey Mantle, who was named for Mickey Cochrane, who was also a catcher for the Tigers. Which is similar but different from the way Jamie Foxx named himself after Redd Foxx, who named himself after Jimmie Foxx. Anyone know any 3rd-level namesakes other than kings, popes, and George Foremans?

*Fact (noun): a thing I looked up on Wikipedia which may or may not be true.

1992 Leaf
#379 Eric Bell
#380 Walt Weiss
#385 Ryan Bowen
#386 Kevin Ritz
#387 Curtis Wilkerson
#438 Wally Joyner
#444 Chris Jones
#485 Scott Bankhead
#382 Manuel Lee
When I hear Wally Joyner, I always think of the Angels, and I always forget that he played so many years with other teams, especially the Royals and Padres.

1992 Leaf
#272 Royce Clayton
#381 Danny Jackson
As usual, I'll give the 2 Cardinals of the bunch their spotlight. Royce had only played 9 games in the 1991 season when this card was printed, but in just a few more years he'd come to St. Louis and be part of quite the controversy in Ozzie Smith's last season. Danny Jackson was here for that too, actually, in 1996.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2628
Total Spent$44.84
Per Card1.706 cents

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  1. LOL, I posted some 1992 leaf in my post tonight too.