eBay Wins #83

After spending 3 weeks showing off a single prize, I'm back to my eBay penny card posts with some 1990 Donruss.

1990 Donruss
#116 Greg Minton
#202 Pete O'Brien
#412 Gus Polidor
#514 Hal Morris
#530 Jeff Peterek
#623 Jeff Musselman
While I know it's popular to bash this set, I still like it, though not necessarily from an aesthetic standpoint. I'm still dangerously close to finishing it, which probably causes me some bias. I'm pretty sure I'm only missing checklist #700, Will Clark #707, and one of the confusing Nolan Ryan cards, most likely #659. That would give me 1 of each numbered card in the set. There are many error cards in the set, though, so it'd also be nice to get one of every variation as well, which puts my want list around 39 cards for now.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2439
Total Spent$43.24
Per Card1.773 cents

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