2010 Upper Deck Bonus Pack #7

There are just 2 packs left to go in my Dave and Adam's Card World bonus.

2010 Upper Deck
#474 Chris Carpenter
Supreme Green #S-100 Adam Dunn
If you don't follow the Cardinals closely, I'd imagine you don't hear the daily Chris Carpenter updates like I do. A week or so ago it sounded like he was almost ready to hit AAA for a game and then return to the rotation. Now they're slowing him down a little bit. It's still rather surprising given the expectations set by both the Cardinals and Carpenter in February that he was likely done for good.

2010 Upper Deck
Season Biography #SB-91 Kenshin Kawakami
Ever since Ichiro came to MLB, and more NPB players followed, there seems to be a glut of star players with apparently short careers. In part, this is because they spent many good years in NPB, and thus we never hear of them for those years. Kawakami signed for a 3 year deal with the Braves, but the 3rd year was spent at AA, and he is now back in NPB. And Daisuke Matsuzaka, mentioned on the card as his opponent that day, is now at AAA after leaving the Red Sox as a free agent. It seems like just yesterday teams were fighting just to pay $51M for the right to negotiate with him, although it was prior to the 2007 season.

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