March Radness Win, Part VI

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I "won" a prize, in that I managed to have the worst bracket of all in Cards on Cards March Radness contest. I legitimately tried to win, in fact I didn't even realize there was this consolation prize until the contest was over, because I stopped scoreboard watching about 2 rounds into the tournament because I did so poorly to start off. The good thing about winning cards from a fellow Cardinals fan is that he can't resist dumping a whole bunch of his Cardinal duplicates on me, which I'm more than happy to take.

We're up to part 6 for you non-Romans out there.

1990 Bowman
#187 Frank DiPino
#188 John Tudor
#189 Howard Hilton
#192 Ray Lankford
#193 Todd Zeile
#195 Ozzie Smith
#196 Milt Thompson
197 Terry Pendleton
#198 Vince Coleman
There is a good mix of relative unknowns - i.e., Frank DiPino and Howard Hilton - and big stars in this group. Notice Todd Zeile has a catcher's mitt there; this was before his move to 3B due to his hitting and speed.

1990 Donruss
#279 Vince Coleman
#418 Scott Terry
#710 Ozzie Smith
Here are 3 more 1990 Donruss towards my set. I love those late 80s Cardinals uniforms.

There's just one more part to this win, which will be revealed tomorrow night.

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