All-Star Winnings, Part 5

Way back in July 2012, I won a contest at Cards On Cards. The premise was to pick the Cardinals player who would have the biggest impact on the game, determined Sabermetrically. I picked the right player, and got a pile of Cardinals for my trouble. They've been sitting in that same pile, haunting me, for quite some time, so now is the time to show them to you.
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Today's theme, besides "The Next Few Cards I Grabbed from the Pile" is 2000s Pitchers.

2002 Donruss Originals #417 Scotty Layfield
2002 Upper Deck #509 Scotty Layfield
2003 Donruss #60 Scotty Layfield
I must admit I don't know who Scotty Layfield is, but the fact that there were multiple cards prompted me to look him up. Of course the go-to source is baseball-reference.com, which showed he climbed up a level in the minors each year from 1999 through 2003 when he was at AAA, so it makes sense that companies would try to jump on the soon-to-be MLBer. Then, 2004 and 2005 show no stats, and 2006 and 2007 show him playing in the dreaded independent leagues. Not that there's anything wrong with Independent League ball, but it's a far cry from AAA. I couldn't find any other information, but I assume a bad injury took place in 2003 and he never quite recovered.

2002 Upper Deck #652 Darryl Kile
Next we have Darryl Kile, probably batting 8th. Tony La Russa loved doing that, and Kile was one of our better hitting pitchers at that time. I still remember finding out he had died during the night before a day game at Wrigley Field, and watching Joe Girardi announce the game's cancellation to the fans. It was rather jarring at the time to see that even a pro athlete could be taken down by bad health. Just a few days prior, Jack Buck, the longtime Cardinals broadcaster, had died, but he was elderly, ill, and it was expected to happen soon. The news of Darryl Kile was much more shocking.

2002 Upper Deck #653 Jason Isringhausen
2004 Upper Deck First Pitch #164 Jason Isringhausen
2006 SP Authentic #85 Jason Isringhausen
2008 Upper Deck #64 Jason Isringhausen
And finally, listen up, MLB. Despite his gig as pitching coach for SIUE, Izzy is apparently still looking for a chance to pitch. I can think of a few bullpens that could use an extra arm in September.

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