A New Autographed Ball - Lee Smith

Last July, Fuji's contest question was about Autographed baseballs, and I showed off my small collection. I've got a new one to add - Lee Smith.

Lee Smith #47
478 Saves
A few new Menards stores opened in the St. Louis area, and Lee Smith was signing free one night from 6pm to 8pm. I showed up at 5:30, and got my autograph about 6:45. I really wasn't expected that much of a line since the Cardinals really weren't that good while Lee was here. He couldn't have been nicer to the fans in line, posing for pictures, switching pens upon request, and even trying to get a baby to laugh. He shook everyone's hands after signing, and gave a very genuine thanks. I of course returned the Thank You right back, since I now have a souvenir of meeting the most intimidating Cardinal player I can remember as a kid in 1992. When Lee came in, the game was as good as over.

Unfortunately, the next night was not so fortuitous, as David Eckstein was signing. Eckstein, of course, was the 2006 World Series MVP, so fresher in our memories, and also around at a time with more fans. I showed up at 5pm this time, a full hour before signing was to begin. I estimated the line to be 6 times the length it was when I showed up for Lee Smith. Doing some mental math, at Lee's pace that line would last 4.5 hours, and he was scheduled for just 2 hours. I didn't wait it out to see if Eckstein was lightning fast with the pen, and went home.

On the plus side, I think I have a better shot at having a HOF ball in my collection than if the nights were reversed. Also, Eckstein just retired, so hopefully he'll be around signing for many more years.

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  1. Cool Smith sig! I just saw your post with the autographed baseballs. Any of those available for trade? If so, here's my trade bait: