July Card Show Autograph

Once again, I'm way behind here...this was July 2018.

Aaron Miles
In my mind it feels like Miles mostly played for Colorado, but the stats say otherwise. He had his real career start there, after a couple of games with the White Sox, but played just 2 seasons. Then he had 3 with the Cardinals, playing 130+ games each season 2006-2008, including the World Series winning year of 2006. He then left for the Cubs, but after 1 year there was traded in the offseason to Oakland, then Cincinnati, then released, before returning to the Cardinals for a season, getting released again, and playing another 130 games in his final season with the Dodgers.

Miles is also memorable as our blowout mop-up pitcher several times, taking the mound 5 times for a total of 5 innings, and only allowing 2 runs, for a respectable 3.60 ERA.

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